Sinful Curry Bacon Salad Wrap

What to do when you have tons of vegetables in the fridge? Make wraps.

Healthy wraps are boring. SO I PUT LIFE AND RESUSCITATE IT WITH LIFE;add in bacon and SPAM.

p/s Instead of using hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise, i fried them to add more textures. Just to play with my palatal region.


2-3 Curry Wraps ( I used the Mission one)

3-4 Red Cabbages leaves

1 egg

4-5 Bacon strips

SPAM, diced (optional)

2 red chillies, diced

4 baby carrots

3 baby paprika (You can replace it with cucumber)

1 onion, chopped finely

1tbsp of sesame oil and 1 tbsp of Thai Curry Paste


1. Pan fried bacons and SPAM until crispy. Diced into cubes (optional).

2. Lightly sauteed the vegetables and egg.

3. Lightly seasoned. (I put sesame oil and a bit of Thai Curry Paste)

4. Fold bottom and top edges and roll sides up tightly.


2015-08-02 20.01.53-1

For the video (sorry its shaky) you can check out the link as follows šŸ™‚

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