Once upon a time, as I was sipping my green tea latte at Starbucks, an advert in a newsletter (Fork&Spoon) caught my eyes. I then decided to spam the Editor’s mail.

Hi there, good afternoon,

I am very interested in joining/contributing and I wanted to inquire on the eligibility and the requirements of the position. I have no experience in writing a food article but i can tell you that my palatal region is quite proficient in experimenting sensations.
This is what my mouth’s cv looks like in 2014:-
1. Crickets-Thailand
2. 7 days Macarons adventure-France
3. Wine Tasting event – Hong Kong
4. Wakame Ramen – Japan
5. Baby eel – Vietnam
6. Scorpions – China
7. Several wine tours – Italy
8. Blood sausages – Philippines
9. Seahorse – Vietnam
I am very experimental and consider my tongue as adventurous like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
I also won a burger eating challenge competition long time ago and I would love to accept any eating challenge again in the near future. Link is provided below. 🙂
Best Regards and Merry Christmas,

And the rest, they say, is a DeLorean time machine. IMG-20140919-WA0004 IMG-20140919-WA0006

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